The Story Project at Lotsa Helping Hands

The story of Lotsa Helping Hands is not our story alone. It’s one told through the voices of the hundreds of thousands who participate. Time and again, people come together to create communities during times of crisis: when a caregiver is exhausted, when a friend caring for an elderly parent needs a hand, when a school needs a boost, when a neighbor is deployed, when a relative faces a medical crisis.

Your Story is Their Story

Seeing the difference these communities have made in people’s lives, we created The Story Project, a place for our members to share their personal stories in their own words. We hope these stories inspire you as much as they do all of us at Lotsa Helping Hands. Tell us your story.

Watch and read stories of caregiver support

Stephanie Glennon Read how Stephanie’s Community for her husband, "Jim's XL Blanket," surrounded their family with love.

Sylvia Mackey Sylvia Mackey is on the Board of Directors of The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration and an advocate and speaker for people living with FTD. In 2006, John Mackey, Sylvia’s college sweetheart, husband of more than 40 years and Super Bowl champion, was diagnosed with FTD.

Barry Katz Lotsa Helping Hands was founded out of a personal family caregiving experience. When Barry Katz’s wife Carole was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, he was overwhelmed with offers of help. When Carole lost her battle with cancer, he and his best friend Hal Chapel founded Lotsa Helping Hands to help family caregivers in similar situations.

Team Nico See what happens when a Community of 900 members come together to support a family after a tragic accident.
Team Pam Learn about a Community that provided daily support to a family during a medical crisis.
Gibson Girls Watch how a neighborhood rallied to help during a military deployment.